Somali Mental Health

Habeeb Mental Health Foundation (Habeeb Foundation) is nonprofit organization provides equity mental health services, to ensure mental health care are accessible and that people receive reliable services to protect the rights of people suffering from health illness. mental entitlements within a humane and understanding service system. The Habeeb Mental Hospitals are committed that all people with mental illness are treated regardless of cultural background, religion or social-economic status, and their families and friends have the same right with respect and dignity to treat them as any other person. In addition removing the chains at the mental ill people who chained for long period and provide suitable treatment.
The Mental Health Foundation encourages, develops and supports educational campaigns and other initiatives to improve understanding of mental illness and ensure access to quality care The Foundation is particularly concerned with redacting the stigma of mental illness and encouraging individuals to seek early diagnosis.

Long Chained

Wolrd Mental Health Day Celebration Somalia 10 Oct 2017

World Mental Health day  Celebration 2017

This year 2017 the World Mental Health Day 10 October held Qiilmawaaye Hotel Kismayo Jubaland State –Somalia, the theme of year 2017 is “Mental Health in the  Work Place”  these events established and funded by Habeeb  Mental Health Foundation with collaboration  MOH  Jubaland  State, this anniversary of World Mental Health day attended  450 participant included members of ministers, Parliamentary of Somali Government, students from universities in Mogadishu and civil society.

We are celebrated this anniversary for 12 years, 4 years of them funded by World Health Organization l Health  and implemented by Habeeb Mental Health Foundation the eight 8 years remain the celebration WMHD funded by Habeeb Foundation.    

Habeeb Mental Health Fondation created and manage mental health hospitals in Somalia about 6 MNHF


Dr, Abdirahman Ali Awale (Dr, Habeeb)

Mobile : +252615899081


About DR. Habeb
Waxaan Ahay muaadin utaagan Shacabkiisa. muhiimadeeda= waxaan daneenayaa in Daryeelka Caafimaadka Maskaxda gaarsiiyo Dadkeeyga.

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